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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


The lufbra echo has been sold to an undisclosed party for a "not inconsiderate sum of money". The move from the ever anonymous Chief Executive brings to an end over a year of journalism that has rocked the world of athletics to its core. There are too many highlights to mention in one summary, but viewers are encouraged to use our prestigious 'Archive' section to re-live the laughter, the tears, the shocks, the spills and the emotion that characterised the past sixteen months.

To our treasured readership: this artwork, this wizardry would not have been the same without the tens of thousands of you that have enjoyed it with us. Some of you have laughed along, others have sulked, still others have threatened - but most importantly you all read. There are some that have compared this little site to the greats: Chekhov, Beckett, Pinter, Shakespeare - all kind comparisons. But in truth, it was always about the word for us; the beauty, the simplicity.

As we count our millions from the buy out - we wish you well. Life will never be the same with us gone, but in little steps, we hope that the pain and sense of loss that you all feel now will numb. So smile and concede that though your hearts ache for our departure, they are a million times richer for having been able to be our fans. You'll always have the memories.